Reibman & Weiner – The Best Truck Accident Lawyer

A lawsuit for a truck or car accident is more difficult than you might think. Technical legal requirements must be satisfied which is why you even need a lawyer in the first place. If the specific rules for truck and car accidents are not followed, you can get thrown out of court without any compensation at all. That is why it's important to select an experienced team of lawyers at a firm that has a long history and reputation for obtaining great results for their client injured in Truck & Car Accidents.

If you select a law firm that has proven stability, such as Reibman & Weiner, you will receive the personal attention of lawyers at the firm with over 50 years of combined experience. Marc Reibman has successfully obtained millions and millions of dollars for his injured clients. Steven Weiner was a practicing physician before becoming a lawyer. He is in fact the best New York City truck accident attorney, bringing his unique understanding of your medical injuries and the ability to read and interpret all the medical records that are required to prove your case and to show every component of your injuries.

A recent truck accident case we handled involved a relatively low speed collision between our client's vehicle and 35,000 pound box truck as they both merged into one lane after exiting through the toll booth at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. The truck sideswiped our client's vehicle which flipped over. Our client's left arm was severely broken. He needed two surgical procedures and months of physical therapy to regain use of the arm and hand. He was a construction union heavy equipment operator who was unable to return to work in the same field.

We filed suit against the trucking company who employed the truck driver and the owner of the truck. Through detailed case investigation and preparation we were able to prove that the truck was at fault in causing this accident. The case settled before trial (an out of court settlement) for $2,750,000.00.

As renowned Nyc personal injury lawyers, we have handled hundreds of cases for injured clients and recovered millions and millions of dollars for them. Let us assist you. Call the lawyers firm of Reibman & Weiner first. Don't settle for less. 1-800-880-1743. Se Habla Espanola! (We speak Spanish)

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